“Girls with long tongues”

This is the latest search term to bring people to Blather Rinse Repeat. The search engine page that listed my page also listed a link to the following page:



6 responses to ““Girls with long tongues”

  1. Sorry, but that’s disgusting. Her mouth looks like dog’s ****. Too bad her otherwise pretty face is distorted by her apparent ad for tongue services.

    ****edited by stjarna

    (I was the one who censored the word here. I wanted to keep the response, but make it a little less blunt, perhaps. Having seen some very disturbing things on the Internet, this can’t hold a candle to others things out there in my book. And no, this is not a challenge to send me rude links…..been there, clicked that.

  2. Thank you for editing it… I apologize for typing it too quickly.

    I’ve seen more provocative things, too, but I guess I was not prepared to see it here, on a blog, even though I guess there are blogs out there that are pretty graphic, too.

    Oh my goodness, I’m mellowing out!

  3. I admit tongue envy.

  4. I wish to get emailed by the girl with the red tongue

  5. You like long tongues ?
    Cameron is from my website. Come see her, and lots of other long tongue girls !

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