5 things I would wish for my children

5) The  ability to recognize their strengths, assess their weaknesses and act accordingly. Confident enough to be independent but not pompous enough to believe they are flawless.

4) Enough spirituality to experience divine power in their own way that makes sense. Being able to see the big picture is the best way to get perspective on most things.

3) that they find someone to share their lives with who can celebrate them for who they are, and at the same time, help them reach their potential.

2) enough math skills and enough curiosity to read the fine print on any contractual agreement to help them learn that things don’t always appear what they seem.  

1) a good sense of humor, both for coping with rough times as well as celebrate it for the divine gift it is.


2 responses to “5 things I would wish for my children

  1. Yep–a great list. I wish this for my little ones…and for myself, too. Great goals for everyone, actually.

  2. i think you’ve covered it all! these are all you ever need.

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