5 Easy Steps To Understanding The Universe

1) Even if you don’t believe in a divine being, being able to appreciate the circumstances needed to bring about life and the planet it came with is still very important. Seeing yourself as a small (but important) part of something bigger gives you a perspective. Religion is a choice to have a relationship with that force. Rituals and prayer are just how we interact with the divine force. Faith is the belief that

2) There are all sorts of forces on the planet and laws that everyone has to follow. Your choices are to passively react to them, ignore them, learn to work with them (or around them) or pretend that you have complete control over them. The forces themselves are not good or bad, but what they’re used for. If you don’t respect the power of those forces, there are consequences. If you believe you have complete control over everything, please reread #1. Science and religion are not in conflict with each other; they are just different ways to quantify the world around us.

3)  We each give value to what we think is important. Even in groups, value can be assigned to any object/behavior/trait. Just as it is up to us to decide what has value; it’s also up to us to make sure what we emphasize is really worth it. We just need to make sure that when the dust settles, it’s really something we want to be left with.

4) The world is full of patterns and the answers for things we don’t know lie in those things that we do know. Being able to recognize patterns can help us learn new ways. Recognizing that learning is a process and not a destination is important too.

5) The purpose in life is to discover our own purpose. It is up to us to determine how meaningful we want that purpose to be. If you want to rule the world, go for it. If you only want to take up space in line at Wal*Mart, that’s your choice too. Everything comes down to our choices. Any choice we make also tends to have an effect, even slight, to those around us.


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