They say it’s your birthday…nah-na nah-na nah

  I will be celebrating a significant milestone birthday this month. I have been putting together a little list of things I’d like…, in no particular order, I think I’d like:

– 2 dozen Buffalo Wings

– A new computer (Pentium IV, at least 3 GHz, 1 GB plus RAM, DVD Burner, 10/100/1000 NIC)

– a book on CSS

– Depeche Mode to perform live in my backyard

– the ability to be telekinetic

– My height in $1,000 bills (76 inches)

– a limo ride

– the Martin guitar I played after the factory tour that was the Ritchie Sambora model ($7,500)

– a sixer of ice cold Corona (with lime)

– to be guest VJ on MTV for a day so I could play all the old videos I remember

– A multi-million dollar mansion with a library, movie theatre, computer lab, music studio, a massive kitchen, several bedrooms including a master bedroom with a massive bathroom.

– A 1986 dark blue Chevy Caprice

– maybe an Alberto Gonzales pinata

    If any of my readers would like to get me anything for my birthday,  let me know…..really. =)


3 responses to “They say it’s your birthday…nah-na nah-na nah

  1. Hey that’s quite an interesting wish list…and is pretty cool as well…well have a great time on your birthday…and you can also visit my blog sometime and check out all the cool stuff i’ve posted there!!!

  2. Hope you get at least some of your wishes. I got you a link for CSS reference:

  3. I would think the Corona beer with lime would be attainable!

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