A farcical aquatic ceremony

 So, the Queen of England stops by the United States and we get to entertain someone who travels with 6000 lbs. of luggage and obligates us to hold an expensive gala that requires formal dress. Ultimately, she’s a figurehead and simply wields power because it was given to her bloodline. Something originating with strange women laying in ponds and distributing swords (Yes, this is a Monty Python reference. Sorry, it’s still a funny skit) .

     The practical side of me immediately thought of the resources and expenses of entertaining, yet we still struggle with so many big issues that have yet to be solved. How about we work together and generate some meaningful legislation THEN have the high-end parties to reward ourselves?  Maybe we should entertain lower maintenance leaders? Or maybe host parties at a Shoney’s or Mr. Bojangles?


One response to “A farcical aquatic ceremony

  1. Do you think the queen listens to Queen?

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