I’m looking into podcasting

  Hey all you Blather-Rinse-Repeaters!

       Uncle Sj is looking into creating some podcasts. I was catching up with a former student of mine who runs his own podcasting page. Although he incorporates music, I am thinking mine will be talking. The audio version of what nearly 400 people each day enjoy.

    While I am looking into the technology and hosting space, I will be coming up with structure. I have never done any type of radio, but I did have a few roommates in college who let me sit in on their radio shows at school. Topically, I think I will be all over the place. The theme will probably be pop culture, although I suspect that politics and religion may creep into conversations. I think I may give each show its own theme to deal with. I have no exact idea yet but I would consider feedback from my faithful viewers.

    If any of you would like to suggest topics or things you’d like to hear me chat about; post your comments here.


2 responses to “I’m looking into podcasting

  1. One of the members on Blog Writers and Artists Network has a podcast show. She loves it and knows a lot about it. Her name is Golfwidow and I am doing an interview with her Friday at the network. Just a thought for you!

  2. Hey, you could just take Don Imus’s old job. Just watch those ho comments though…

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