Business as usual

  Sorry, I haven’t posted anything because I haven’t been feeling well. In atypical blog form, I won’t go into detail nor providing any pictures of the illness.

  I see the world is chugging along fine right now. Little has changed. The government is still asleep at the wheel. Gas prices continue to go up while the gas companies shrug their shoulders yet continue to pocket record profits. Paris Hilton is still unfazed by her recent run-in with the law. Hollywood continues to tacitly admit that it has run out of ideas (a.k.a. I heard they are remaking the old cartoon SPEED RACER). Oh, did I mention that Reverend Al Sharpton still seems remarkably silent on the topic of racism? He must be gearing up for his campaign against Crayola crayons. Rumor has it that Binney-Smith INTENTIONALLY puts the black and brown crayons at the back of the box.



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