Have you heard that Nelly Furtado song?

Promiscuous Girl lyrics – click here

It’s pretty much a verbal exchange between a man and a woman; both self-identified as promiscuous. While the song is somewhat hypnotic, the words are a joke.

First, Nelly sings about pretty much offering herself up to some guy (Timbaland) and doesn’t want to seem to wait. Believing that a veiled request for sex will alleviate loneliness one moment; then asks what kind of girl do you take me for another moment.

Then, Timbaland says he has what she “needs” but seeing as nothing is said about companionship, friendship or any relationship building; one can safely assume he just wants the “hot wet sloppy.” Confirmed by the fact that he even offers to keep it “on the low” at a place he believes to be private; the intent is clear.

The bottom line is that if you are promiscuous, what you are offering the world is your body. There is no world to get lost in. It’s not going cure loneliness. You relegate yourself to being a self-contained human amusement park for other people. Much like a seasonal park worker, you will most likely quickly tire of the dwindling line of customers and desperately wait until the season is over.  Once the aging process can’t be fought back anymore, you’ll have nothing to show for your life except a Valtrex prescription.

OK, I think I may have gone over the top. However, I get the feeling that the music-listening masses may not partake of putting some grey matter between themselves and songs like this. I cringe to think that some young punk might use this song as some sort of behavior template. It’d be nice to think that parents are stepping up to the plate when it comes to raising their kids to have healthy and safe views about relationships. Of course, It’d be nice if I won the lottery, too…..


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