Hey kids, I used an electric typewriter today!

   For those of you who don’t remember this primal form of word processing, it involves a large cumbersome device as big as a suitcase….oh, wait….with gas prices these days, who goes traveling anymore. Uh, anyway, it’s really big.

   It is supposed to put symbols on a paper. The problem occurs when your big clunking fingers hit the wrong keys; you have to start over again. There is no delete key.

   That is your history lesson today. Class dismissed.


4 responses to “Hey kids, I used an electric typewriter today!

  1. The last time I used one of these things I was a freshman in college. Gasoline at that time, adjusted for changes to the consumer price index to current levels, cost about $3.85/gallon, in 2007 dollars.

    It took me several hours to type my three-page essay. And with all of the white-out and mistakes, I could probably have done a better job with a stencil and a can of spray paint.

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  3. How funny. A while back, we visited my old high school with my son – he’ll start there in the fall. As we toured the computer lab, I clearly remembered my ‘typing’ class held in that very room.

  4. Yeah, kids today take “keyboarding” classes. They don’t even use the word typing anymore! I had to learn on those IBM Selectric ones and they did have the feature where you could erase a character at a time (unless you had multi form paper with carbon in between). It helped, but egads how primitive. Now go an try using a telegraph machine 🙂

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