Spyware (MyCleanerPC) that says it protects me from spyware.

   It must be some latest trend for malware to be foisted onto computer that says it fights spyware, but installs regardless of your consent. I clicked on a link to a forum and my computer brought up an Outlook 2000 add-on install. I “X”-ed out of it, then it brought me a cascade of pop-up errors that were looking for the following files in TEMP files on my computer (a sign that it has been compromised).


I then notice:

1) Software to remove spyware called MyCleanerPC is now referenced on my computer with pop-ups. Once again, I wasn’t given a choice to install it. It just appeared.

2) My computer starts running really slow. Internet Explorer takes a minute or two now to load pages, even ones cached that should load instantly.

3) I run one of the three trusted spyware removal programs I have on my computer (www.arovaxantispyware.com) which identifies MyCleanerPC as spyware. (Spybot Search & Destroy (www.safer-networking.org) is another. So is Ad-Aware (www.lavasoftusa.com)

4) I google the files added and find that they are associated with trojan horses, which also causes my Norton Anti-virus to catch something now.

What I did:

1) Updated and ran the spyware removal program, www.arovaxantispyware.com – it found and removed the program. I rebooted my computer and it worked.

2) I did a WHOIS search for mycleanerpc.com domain and found it was registered with domainsbyproxy.com. I have seen their work before. They obscure the name and address of those who register domains through them.

3) I came to the conclusion that MyCleanerPC is evil.  I feel sorry for those who don’t understand or appreciate the risks of being on-line. This may inspire me to create some tech-related posts.


5 responses to “Spyware (MyCleanerPC) that says it protects me from spyware.

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