The scary world of data recovery

     Well, fellow Blatherians, it seems that the research of that error messages has lead me down a dark & mysterious data recovery path. It looked like it could have been a damage or corrupted Master Boot Record. Then, references were made to make it sound like the partition had been damage. Also, there were references that the registry was damage.

     The reason I am dealing with this is because I didn’t have any recent back-ups of my data. Normally, losing data can sting but it is troublesome even more because I know better PLUS it is my first piece of advice to other computer users. Redundancy. It can make life much easier. I am not at the end of the data recovery tunnel just yet, but hope to have answers in the morning. I have found out that creating an image of your hard drive, sector by sector, on an 80 GB drive can take quite some time.

       Hopefully, I will have good news shortly.


4 responses to “The scary world of data recovery

  1. That sucks. I had to go through data recovery last year and I’m backing up religiously. Thankfully the company, (CBL) saved my data. If re-imaging doesn’t work out maybe you should check them out.

  2. Master Boot Record? Sounds like some old-school rap group…

  3. Yes, GRAND Master Boot Record or was that Master Bootsy Collins Record?

  4. Making an image of a 80 GB hard disk can indeed may painful and time consuming but if our pretty beautiful 80 GB hard disk comes to crash, we will be very happy to have a backup.
    That’s why we should always back up our data or we will have to take time for data recovery.

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