I had 811 visitors today!

Blather Rinse Repeat had a lot of people stop by on Flag Day.

I also realized that my blog will turn two years old in about a week or so.

Quietly reminiscing…….I remember what it was like before people could blog. When I was your age, I had call people on big metal dial telephones to tell the world my sometimes completely meaningless viewpoints. Now I can inflict my opinion on several hundred people a day with one blog post.

I am also old enough to remember when it was YEARS between Paris Hilton updates….and when DUIs were considered dangerously illegal instead of career moves.


3 responses to “I had 811 visitors today!

  1. Isn’t that something? DUI’s being career moves? Many, many, maaaaaaaaany years ago, I got one of those. I nver got one again. Never, nver -never. I was so ashamed, I could not look one person in the eye. This was way before MADD, too. Way before the laws that are in force now. Way, back when Dinosaurs were king. Just think I could hve saved all that money I spent on college, and the sweat I put into working for 30 years. What a screw job!

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  3. Blogging in the world prior to the internet would be like randomly calling up about 50 people on the phone and forcing them to hear your nonsensical trivial spew. Thanks to blogging, spewing has never been easier!

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