5 traits I find incredibly attractive in a woman

1) A sense of humor – Stoicism is not hot, even if it’s wearing something skimpy. Sorry, life is way to short to take seriously. NEXT!

2) Curiosity – The ability and interest in thinking about why things happen. Letting life just happen to you gets really old quick.

3) Imagination – The ability to think creatively. This goes really well with #1.  Having a good imagination pretty much counts as a coping skill, which is good to have anyway.

4) The ability to emote – Knowing how to identify the feeling and knowing what to do with it. It may take time for labels to  happen, but being able to do this makes things even cooler.

5) Confidence – You don’t need to know exactly what you want, but having a good idea helps. Knowing what you like and what you don’t like is a great start. I think it comes from being comfortable in your own skin….your own world. Knowing how to emphasize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses is a skill that everyone should have. Challenging yourself to try new things also helps. Staying home to do nothing except watch tv gets old fast too.

Side note: My wife is 5/5 on this one, for those who are curious.


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