I changed my mind; I will have another Kristanna Loken moment.

I have recently gotten into watching PAINKILLER JANEon the Sci-Fi channel. After seeing BLOODRAYNE, I thought I’d give another KRISTANNA LOKEN movie a try. The trailers for it looked interesting. Interesting, in guy movie talk, means it has explosions, car chases, gunshots and women in it. Anyway, it looked like it would be more complicated than anything ANGEL BORIS would attempt, so I TIVO’d it.

Overall, I’d say it’s a supernatural version of a Mickey Spillane-like narrative. Except, it’s way better than Stacey Keach (a.k.a. Mike Hammer) could pull off. Anyway, I like it so far…..and subsequently, decided to have another Kristanna Loken moment.

If you, too, would like to have a Kristanna Loken moment; click here! You could have a bunch of them. Evidently, Ms. Loken had started her career as a model, so there are plenty of picture to choose from.


2 responses to “I changed my mind; I will have another Kristanna Loken moment.

  1. Everything I’ve seen her in I always come away with the same thought…She either is a very wooden actress or the script is holding her back…..I can’t decide….between Bloodrayne and Terminator 3 and Painkiller Jane it’s all pretty much the same type of role…..I want to see her do something different…..

  2. Isn’t she a lesbian now? Her and her sister?

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