My computer was jumped by Brave Sentry spyware

  Last night, I’m minding my own business when – ALL OF A SUDDEN – my computer gets jumped by spyware. I click on a webpage and suddenly my computer reboots. No error messages. No warning. BAM!

  Once it reboots, I start getting warnings about how I am infected and how I can click on XP-like pop-up warnings appear. My computer gets all sluggish, taking a minute or so to refresh screens, and my Internet connection is even slower. I find out TASK MANAGER has been disabled by the Administrator. HEY WAIT?!?! I AM the administrator. Things look bad.

   I find out I can get into the registry, but can’t disable what just got installed. I can’t kill the processes. None of my spyware removers work. My anti-virus was also disabled.

   Luckily, I have another computer with untainted access to the Internet to find a fix. I find this website . I download a removal program on my infected computer, boot into SAFE MODE, and run it. About 10 minutes later, my computer has been cleaned off.


3 responses to “My computer was jumped by Brave Sentry spyware

  1. which spyware did you use? you mentioned that
    your spyware removal programs didn’t work.

  2. I only use Spybot Search & Destroy, Ad-Aware & Arovax AntiSpyware. I installed, updated and ran all three. It looked like it worked, even after rebooting – it ran another scan. It did not work.

    This came back 10 minutes later.

    The workstation hard drive will need to be reformatted and have the operating system reinstalled.

    I am VERY careful of what I trust and use to remove spyware. Here is a link for more info on the subject.

  3. Yes thats gud! shuld aslo see more latest Rogue Antispywares:

    be care full by using authentic antispywar program.


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