Car Insurance Tip for those attacked by Transformers

   Having once sold insurance over the phone at one of those national insurance companies, I have some information you can take back to your licensed insurance agent in case your vehicle is destroyed by Transformers.

    The insurance claims adjuster will probably count the damage under the COMPREHENSIVE coverage. Also known as OTHER THAN COLLISION, this insurance protection protects you from any physical damage cause by something other than hitting another vehicle or object. You will be responsible for paying your insurance deductible (unless you think your insurance company will be able to subrogate against the TRANSFORMER’S insurance company).  It’s entirely possible that your insurance company will pay out under the UNINSURED/UNDERINSURED MOTORISTS coverage as the TRANSFORMER is probably not carrying insurance.

        After that, you will get the ACTUAL CASH VALUE of the car.  It’s not what you PAID for the car; it’s not how much you still OWN on the car. It’s what the car’s trade-in value. Good luck with that.

p.s. Please note that I am no longer licensed in any state to advise or suggest insurance coverages nor am I sponsored by any property and casualty company. Please direct any questions you have to your personal, state licensed insurance agent. Check your yellow pages or contact the Department Of Insurance in your state for more information. Thank you.


4 responses to “Car Insurance Tip for those attacked by Transformers

  1. If I understand the premise of the movie correctly, the Transformers have invaded the earth and declared war on us folks. Therefore, the destruction of your car is an act of war, whether declared or undeclared. Therefore, your claim adjustor will tell you, between puffs on his cheap cigar, no coverage. This has been a public service announcement.

  2. While acts of war are typically excluded as covered perils, there would be a period of time where war wouldn’t be declared. I would think there would be some wiggle room here because it probably would take several acts of destruction before something formally was announced.

  3. What if your car is actually a transformer though?

  4. Great post dear! Auto insurance has never been my thing, and I can already foresee these tips helping down the road :p

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