5 Reasons That I Think Hillary Clinton Won’t Be President

1) Most of her husband’s Presidential terms were spent sharing suspicion for various scandals. Dark political clouds not only hung over his current administrative decisions, they also seemed to cover their past.  TravelGate, WhiteWaterGate, MonicaGate and that missing file that magically reappeared AFTER one of the investigations into their activities was over.  While they may not be guilty of everything they’re accused of, there is too much question about things.

2) Bill Clinton is a womanizer. He probably has always been a womanizer. Several women have accused him of inappropriate behaviors. Hillary’s an educated woman, yes? However, she still dated and married him, right? That leaves us with three not so wonderful conclusions about her. If she didn’t see it, she must not be all that aware of her surroundings. If she did acknowledge it and thought she could change it, she’s delusional. Finally, if she did acknowledge it but didn’t care, perhaps she saw his potential at becoming a famous leader; that strikes me as being cold and calculating. Adding to my doubts of her grasp of reality, she gets in front of a camera during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and tells the public she believes her husband.  Anyway you slice it, it just looks bad.

3) She writes a tell-all book well before having to express political aspirations about becoming a Presidential candidate. Airing out any laundry that she can pretend is old news now. 

4) What happened to her national campaign for healthcare reform? Did the list of large health care conglomerates end up more appealing as political donors than targets of reform?

5) She supported the war at first, but now opposes it? I don’t care how vocal of an opponent she is of the war now. It’s hardly a bold stance now. Listen to the rhetoric now and even (M)Ann Coulter is changing her tune about our presense there.  Bush and a dwindling number of his supporters are the only ones convinced we should still be there.

   I think the time is ripe for change, and I think most people would agree with me. With there being so many candidates running for Presidents for Dems and Reps, that tells me that there is a lot of doubt who should be running the show and that there is little unity. Of course, it doesn’t help that Bush took little initiative to build bridges with his 51% win of the votes.  Most political discussion turn into us vs. them rants. Hillary is just another polarizing force in Washington. Not a unifying force, a divisive force which isn’t going to help us.

I think the next Presidential candidate needs to show more balance.  The message needs to at least sound like its a reflection of the people.  I don’t want a corporate suck-up any more than I want someone pandering to whatever demographic vote they think will get them into the White House. Experience, especially with the current dark view of imcumbency, could almost be a handicap.  I am not exactly sure who I will be supporting, but I doubt it will be Ms. Clinton.


2 responses to “5 Reasons That I Think Hillary Clinton Won’t Be President

  1. I first encounter with my distaste for Hillary was right after Bush Sr. took office. I assumed she would leave Bill as soon as he left office mostly because he screwed around on her, God knows how many times, also because he was proven to be a liar. I figured any woman with any self esteem would exit this kind of marriage.
    Her staying with him even one day after Bushs inaugeration lead me to believe that she was just going to use him for some corporate or political motive in the future.
    I cant agree with your post more. She is wgere she is only because she is a cold, calculating, intelligent but not smart woman.
    Anybody that really expects a majority to buy her B.S. is not as smart as they would like to have us believe. She insults my intelligence, and I’m sure quite a few others.

    I’m fairly new at blogging ,and I’m trying to get things rolling for my humble little blog{ link below} I have added you to my blog roll because I honestly feel you are worth the read since most of everything out there is political and you have stated that you rarely do political posts.
    Would you mind sticking me up on your blog roll as well ?


  2. Ahh ! I’m sorry, I didnt notice you had me over there under ” Humbled Perspective ”

    Thank you !


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