My checklist of New York City

1) Seeing where the World Trade Center stood – CHECK


3) Seeing street performers – CHECK

4) Riding a subway – CHECK

5) Riding in a cab – CHECK

6) Sliding around the back of taxi cab weaving through traffic – CHECK

7) See the BODIES exhibit at the Historic Seaport museum – CHECK

8 ) Buy food from a street vendor’s cart – CHECK (soft pretzel with mustard that rocked)

9) Buy Farofa in Little Brazil – CHECK

10) See MTV studios where they used to play music videos – CHECK

11) Eat a slice of the “best cheesecake in the world” at Maxies near Time Square – CHECK (Rocky Road cheesecake is a new favorite)

12) Listen to a street preacher – CHECK

13) See the Brooklyn Bridge – CHECK

14) See a several story billboard of Puff Daddy and another of Jennifer Anniston – CHECK (Jennifer Anniston nose looked even bigger – if that’s actually possible. Well, I am pretty sure it was her.  It might have been Geddy Lee. I am not exactly sure.)

15) Had a fantastic time – CHECK

16) Found inspiration to write again – CHECK

17) Discovered that NYC is like no other city I have ever visited – CHECK


3 responses to “My checklist of New York City

  1. Hate to tell you, but the “best cheesecake in the world” comes from Junior’s Restaurant, not Maxie’s.

    Guess you’ll have to come back.

  2. Make sure you jump in front of taxis and make them angry too.

  3. Judging how many people drive in NYC, I think it might be a bit of a fine line between me jumping in front of a taxi and having one accidently hit me.

    I know that car drivers in NYC aren’t anymore reckless than driver anywhere else. It’s just that the bar is just set much higher with keeping up with the cars around you. The only driving I have done in the city is driving through it at 3 a.m. If I drove during the day, I would be eaten alive with my MidWestern state driving skill.

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