I just made up some words!

Linguinic – lin-GWEE-nic – adj. – having characteristics of linguini.

Governminty Fresh – guv-err-MINT-ee Fresh – adj. – something that leaves a bad taste in your mouth that tastes like one of those nasty pastel colored chalky mints.

Hiltonistic – hill-tah-NIST-ic – adj. – the state of being completely unaware of the world around you.

Lohaniacal – low-hann-EYE-ic-all – adj. – Believing that one can ingest alcohol and cocaine without having any effect on your body, career or freedom.

Ritchiegostisic – riht-CHEE-go-tiss-tickle – adj. –  Narcissism meets money and fame by adoption.

Un-Rinna-listic – un-RINNAH-liss-tick – adj. – lips having the appearance of mutant earthworms on steroids. See Lisa Rinna.


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