I just had a run-in with Zango spyware

   It goes beyond annoying when I find over 1000 bit of Zango-related spyware in the registry of the computer I am working on. This computer has little processing power to spare and it is being kept busy with Zango tasks?!?!

   The good news is that a quick visit to Spybot Search & Destroy-land and it’s bye-bye for Mr. Zango.


2 responses to “I just had a run-in with Zango spyware

  1. Whatever dood. Just go to add/remove and uninstall the damn thing. Then install it again when you want to see that Jessica Simpson vid that caused your install in the first place!

    Had a run in? Stop watching Britney vids perv.

  2. Dood. It wasn’t my computer. I earn a little pocket money by removing spyware/viruses from other peoples’ computers.

    You talk of what you do not know. Keep that up and you’re gonna end up elected next year. =)

    Turns out that spyware wasn’t the main issue. Stuff under the Windows key was also making the computer act weird too.

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