Botox Cosmetic: Express Yourself??!?

   While watching this commercial that encourages (presumably) women to have their doctors inject a toxin to paralyze facial muscles; my wife pointed out that it seems rather contradictory to have the catch phrase be “express yourself.”

    Isn’t the point of Botox to prevent your body from “expressing itself?”


5 responses to “Botox Cosmetic: Express Yourself??!?

  1. That’s too funny. I’ll take most inappropriate tag lines for 500, Alex.

  2. hmm i think that “thinking” is not what “botox women do”…….shame, because the world needs more women like your wife that thinks…..
    and we also need more men that are intereted in women’s brains so that they don’t lower themselves to believe that ‘botox’ is their best ally………its a circle …….in a perfect world we would not be having this conversation , because botox would not have any customers…but alas,…. 🙂 t

  3. Haha botox. It really is just wonderful. Google me and see how much plastic surgery i’ve gotten, i can’t wait til i’m older and need botox. Oooh i just love that commercial. Like when that fine lady does that cheesy wink that u know had to be pretty hard to do with botox in her. just remember my name. Jeffree star. EXPRESS YOURSELF-WE DON’T NEED ANTI-BOTOX PEOPLE!!!! WE DON’T NEED THEM HATERS!!! E-X-P-R-E-S-S YOURSELF EVERYONE EVEN YOU TOM CRUISE

  4. Oh and you too Donald Trump. Rosie is just a loser who needs botox. im pleased to say that you have already invested in it though. =]

  5. shutup son.
    bjork is cool.

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