I battled WinAntiSpyware 2007 today

  Armed with Norton Antivirus, Spybot Search & Destroy & Ad-Aware;  it still took a few hours…..and it came back.

  It’s such a massive scam. It infects your computer, notifies you that the spyware is trying to access the internet, doesn’t allow you to stop it unless you “register” the software. Click on the “register” button and you get to pay a one-time fee to have the spyware removed. Such a deal. What a bargain.



14 responses to “I battled WinAntiSpyware 2007 today

  1. I’ve dealt with WinAntiSpy before. I killed a whole Saturday duking it out. There’s gotta be a special place in Hell for these guys.

  2. You should check out prevx.com and ewido.com, both of those have successfully removed it for me in the past with no problems.

  3. Ahhhhhhh noooooooo! Not the WinAntiSpyware! *hides in corner and cries*
    Is it gone?
    Because I had it. And I don’t want it again. It took Symantec Tech Support like a friggin’ week to find it and get rid of it! *shudders!* Oh the horrible, horrible memories!

  4. My buddy scotcher has it right now – its is so annoying the way it downloads itself and keeps popping up to remind you that you MAY be infected…
    Is there a law against that malicious practice?
    Where are their offices?
    What about mirar? that’s another one that must be condemned to hell. I wonder where they are located?
    If I get dignosed with a terminal disease I think maybe I will visit their head office and take a few of those guys with me.

  5. Bem vinda ao time… :/

  6. WinAntiSpyware…hehe…reason number 4076 why I love my Mac…last virus infection: 1992. Last spyware infection: never.

  7. Yeah, this one looks especially ugly. I would read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WinFixer if you haven’t already. You may also want to backup whatever documents, music, and saved games you need then reinstall Windows.

  8. You guys—come on, gimme a break, I’m sick of hearing ’bout all your viruses; throw away your Dells and get a Mac—please…then you won’t’ have to worry about this shit.

  9. danherron, do you mean Mac’Donalds?

  10. Norton sucks !! jajaja If you want I can remove the Winantivirus from your PC 😉

    Give a chance to the totalscan pro (www.nanoscan.com)

  11. The best solution is definitely to stop using Windows. Get a Mac, or use Linux. I use Ubuntu(http://www.ubuntu.com/) and I have never had any problems with viruses or spy ware.

  12. Time until the Mac zealots invade….3…..2….oh wait, they already have.

    Yeah, your Mac could never get spyware :rolls eyes: which is why there’s no need for products like this: http://macscan.securemac.com/
    They’ll be out of business in no time!

    Never submit to the extortion tactics of the spyware, as it only encourages them to take more computers hostage.

    The best way to clean spyware infections is to run your cleaner while windows is NOT running.
    How to do this? Boot to a CD that lets you access the hard disk and clean the drive while none of the files are in use. I boot to Bart PE, then run adaware, virus scans, etc. http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/

    btw, I have no connection to either of the links i posted. Don’t think I’m spamming this blog, as I’m not. Just sad to see someone else have to fight off a nasty infection.

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