Frostie Rootbeer has come back!

  I saw it at a Giant Eagle in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. It’s sugar-free, and it comes in a variety of flavors. I’d share those flavor names with you, but seeing as I grabbed a four-pack immediately upon seeing Frostie Rootbeer and went immediately to the check out; I didn’t linger long enough to take note of what those other flavors were.



5 responses to “Frostie Rootbeer has come back!

  1. Is it retro? Was it still in the old glass bottles? I cannot stand the plastic bottles…

  2. Brown glass.

    From what I remember, it used to be clear glass that had a wider top that looked like icicles were on it.

  3. that blond girl can´t have that tongue……….

  4. that blod girl can´t have that tongue……….who is she?

  5. I have no idea who the women are on my avatar. I found the picture on the Internet somewhere.

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