Completely Random Pop Culture Thoughts

   Ever hear those radio commercials that tell you that you can “rake in the money” by following some program they send you? Or maybe it’s visiting a website? Or calling an 800 number? You “sit back and count the money your computer” brings in. My personal favorite commercial is the one that says you get a FREE LAPTOP but then goes onto describe where buying things that you “need anyway” from that company is how you get your FREE laptop.  Hearing all of this simply reminds me that there are no lifeguards for this gene pool.

Speaking of radio ads…Did you hear the one where Donald Trump wants to send me a free CD to help me make more money? He wants ME to make more money! (not you!).  Anyway, I find it rather difficult to be inspired by such a powerful man who can’t seem to manage anything except a bad comb-over hairdo.  I am also not sure I understand the Ivana Trump thing either. Marla Maples, perhaps, but not Ivana. Although I have read an article where Marla was interviewed. Let’s just say that if she were to visit Oz, she should probably be the one wearing the scarecrow outfit. I just can’t believe she hasn’t managed to land some kind of advising role in the White House.

What’s the big deal with getting pictures of Britney Spear’s underwear as she’s getting in and out of vehicles? Isn’t the fascination with underwear the fodder of 5 year olds?  Should we point and giggle? Is it naptime yet?

Oh, the other day I caught the tail end of a show with Deborah Norville. It was some entertainment show….which is media talk for fluff media. Ms. Norville seemed to have a promising career a few years ago. Isn’t she the one who bumped Jane Pauley from her morning anchor position on a big show? Now, she’s announcing “news” segments that feature nothing except Carmen Electra stripping down to her bathing suit on a beach in Santa Monica. How might that be journalism? I suppose someone has to get to the bottom of that psychic pets who predict death in nursing home phenomenon.


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