5 reasons I won’t be voting for Hiliary Clinton

1) I have no interest seeing any more “gates” at the White House. TravelGate, WhiteWaterGate, MonicaGate, etc.  If the next president wants gates, it’d be nicer to just set up an account at Home Depot.

2) Her ability to express feelings makes me think Senator Clinton took some correspondence courses on emotions through the mail. Either that or Hiliary lost her parents at a young age and was raised by chainsaws in the wild. She has three emotions as I can tell: mostly angry, angry and smug. I don’t trust people I can’t read.

3) Any educated, intelligent woman who marries and stands Tammy Wynette-style to someone like Bill Clinton is either thick, clueless or manipulative.  She’s a lawyer by trade, right? Maybe that gives us the answer there. (insert Internet lawyer joke of choice here).

4) She’s for the war. She’s against the war. This woman isn’t presidential material. She’s a freakin’ waffle. Bust out the syrup.

5) She gets on Senator Obama’s case for being “naive” about things, including foreign policy. She seems to be forgetting that incumbency is viewed by a growing number of voters as a liability rather than an asset. Considering the current state of governmental affairs, I think most voters could even comfortably contemplate inexperience with a candidate. It’s not like Bush is setting the competency bar all that high here.  The frightening thing is that if we were to convince America that the next presidential election was a People Magazine-sponsored ‘Who’s Hot? Who’s Not?” poll; voter turn out would probably be in record-breaking numbers and Matthew McConnaghey would be president. (author note: seeing as it would not be Bush or Ms. Clinton; I think people would be cool with that.)


5 responses to “5 reasons I won’t be voting for Hiliary Clinton

  1. I want to know what Hilary can do
    about preventing companies like
    HERSHYS from moving out of
    American and leaving thousands of
    US citianes jobless. What did this government do to cause this???????

  2. What can you say about Hilary that She already hasnt said.

  3. mother and white

    I have a huge issue with someone who cannot finance a campaign without borrowing from funds………..

  4. I’m hispanic, and I strongly believe Obama will have a huge support from most of the minorities citizens and with no doubts he will be the first minority to get in the White House as a president of United State. I predict California, Texas, Florida and New York would be the keys for his victory to Mr. Obama in November 2008.

  5. i am really ashamed of the coments that have been made about the democrats some of them prob. dont remb. what it was like during bills term i lived pretty good i got news for all of you bush has done a lot of things oyu all would be shocked he has the wool pulled over your eyes.

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