Teen USA 2007, Miss South Carolina: The face of illiteracy

Please caption this! I challenge all my visitors to caption this! I beg you!


7 responses to “Teen USA 2007, Miss South Carolina: The face of illiteracy

  1. My submissions:

    -I bet she had this title sown up until the ATOM SPLITTING competition.

    -Next year, let’s have security guards collect all the shiny objects from people in the audience.

    -Get the President on line. We have his next speech writer.

    -Good thing that this contest wasn’t televised around the globe or people all over the planet would think that Americans are a bunch of dorks, albeit attractive dorks.

    -I think she’s even embarrassed the tiara with this one.

    -Wow, a ventriloquism act….without the ventriloquist!!!

  2. She thinks fellatio is a form of contraception

  3. O.K. maybe that was a little bit crude.

    Whirled Peas ?


    World piece ?

  4. Visualize World Piece.

    I like it.

  5. “The Teacher’s Union Must be Proud!”

    “Your unions working for you”

    “Behold! The Wunders of Public Education!”

  6. No Child Left Behind…except for her!

  7. Now shes on the Today show reading the teleprompter, trying to make heself look smarter.
    Nothing like a prepared statement three days in the working to convince us all.

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