I set-up my first Windows/Apache/MySQL/PHP server

     I have an old Windows 2003 Server that I set-up Apache Server to run MySQL/PHP/Wordpress software. After wrestling with various config and ini files, I was able to get the server up and running in about a week. The installation of all of that was nothing. Not having ANY previous experience with MySQL & PHP was what made it take so long to get running. I would set something up, get an error message, research it, tweak it and then get another error message.

     I hope this experience will allow me to get my own server up and running someday. Surprisingly enough, my brain didn’t melt in the process.


4 responses to “I set-up my first Windows/Apache/MySQL/PHP server

  1. I got my cheesy little unit 6 months ago, never had a computer till then.
    I just learned how to cut and paste a month ago.
    But can I seem somewhat intelligent and insightful and suggest buying a new one ?
    I live on a budget so I would understand if the option wasnt yours.
    Is this your only server ?

  2. It is a server I have access to at work. It is not mine. It is several years old, but it should be handle the work thrown at it. The file server, terminal server, mail server, scanning server and phone server each carry their share of the network load, so it’s cool.

  3. I know I,m ignorant in this dept.
    Ijust had to ask.
    I learn something every day

  4. I still cant figure out why my computer barks, growls, purrs, and slams the door shut.
    Sometimes it crows, sometimes it makes a noise like a cricket.
    At least my VCR doesnt blink 12:00

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