God moves in mysterious ways

Image of the Blessed Virgin Mary appears on a garage door in Minersville, PA

The appearance of what appears to be a sign of God has drawn believers and garage door appreciators from all over East Central Pennsylvania. God’s holy message has been delivered to Minersville, PA although no one is exactly sure what that message is or why it is appearing on a garage door.

“I am not sure what God’s advertising budget is,” asks Lamar Advertising Account Exec, David Schultz,” but I think he might be able to benefit from our new line of electronic signs.” After being severely beaten by the crowd for suggesting that the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent Creator needed such a mortal way to get His message across; the crowd returned its attention to the glowing garage door.

Many believers in the group of people seemed that they will have more converts by the end of the night. Most, however, seem to just be fascinated with staring at a human-shaped blob of light.

Personally, I don’t believe that something as important as finding religion would be left to such a vague presentation. The Old Testament burning bush that talks directly to the person is a much more clear way to send any religious message.

Looks like God’s gonna have to go old school.


p.s. For some reason, I feel compelled to quote those potentially prophetic words of Echo & The Bunnymen.

“Bring on the new messiah. Wherever he may roam.”


28 responses to “God moves in mysterious ways

  1. People see what they want to see. If it gives them hope and makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside, that’s cool I guess.

    Personally, if god is gunna talk to me, I want to see fire and lightning bolts and a big frickin’ hand come out of the sky to tap me on the shoulder.

  2. What happens when they need to get the car out of the garage?

  3. hello , stjarna67

  4. I guess all the cool things that go on around us every day arent good enough to make one believe. They have to find some unexplained phenomena to confirm their belief.

  5. Watch the video of this story… despite saying that no shadows are cast, the video clearly shows all sorts of shadows blocking it out.


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  7. These people are choosing to ignore the obvious truth in favour of strengthening their faith.

    Faith is the most dangerous idea that ever plagued humanity. It teaches people to be mindless puppets.

    Mindless puppets are easily controlled. They fly planes into buildings, blow up abortion clinics and vote conservative.

    Faith is the enemy of Reason!

  8. Steve,
    I have to disagree with you, the left is more inclinded to be a collective mind of indoctrination. And I’m not saying that the country doesnt need a liberal influence in certain ares. But the right does practice more individuality than the left.
    The left comes alot closer to the “Commune” and “Social” way of life than the right.

    I’m a christian concervative, and trust me, I am anything but a mindless puppet !
    Your generalizations are in bad tste and could easly be switced around to say the same about the left.

  9. All right ! who keeps playing with the theme ?

  10. I can’t decide on a theme. I am not sure I like this one either. The Post Headline font is pretty small…and I have no access to the CSS.

    I do like the tag cloud, though.


  11. Hi,
    Every morning I wake up and see an image of what some might interpret as a clean-cut Jesus wearing a tie.
    It’s clearly visible in a 350-million-year-old fossilised fish I bought on a trip home to Canada.
    If I published it, would my blog by some divine intervention become a shrine? Or does someone have to make it famous first?
    – ian in hamburg

  12. Ian,
    I am thinkin’ E-bay should be the way to go. Lots of hype, lots of people claiming to be healed, and maybe you’ll get interviewed on Good Morning America. If you’re lucky, the Roman Catholic Church may take it off your hands to hide in the Vatican storage. That way, Dan Brown can add that nugget to his next religious conspiracy book.

  13. I don’t know, a 350 million year old fish my be worth something, if you just wait a couple more years.

  14. I’d strike while the iron is hot. You never know when the next Holy vision will appear on the next garage door or grilled cheese sandwich. Interest could wane which could affect the market value of that rock.

  15. I didn’t say anything about the left or christianity. What I fear are people that think this life is some kinda training ground for the afterlife. For most people this is simply a reassuring fantasy, but for some it is clearly much more than that.

    If people thought more of this life, the only one we know with certainty is real, then perhaps less people would sacrifice it in pointless acts of violence.

    Religion by itself is more-or-less harmless. It is faith that we have to guard against. Faith gets lots of people killed.

  16. Faith is how people practice religion. While it has been implicated in many nefarious activities, I don’t think the blame lies with it.

    More often than not, the people who commit sins do so because their own personal agendas which may rest in their faith; however, their interpretation of religion is whacked in the head.

    Jim Jones, Jeffrey Lundgren and David Koresh are just examples where the fumes of personal power have caused them to do weird things. Unfortunately, the people out there willing to blindly follow are legion. When these things combine, you can count on something really bad happening. It doesn’t mean psychological manipulation and mind control is inherent in all religions.

    Oh, speaking of indoctrination…Conservatives aren’t free of it either. The core of not asking tough questions of the government, to me, seem ripe for it to occur. This is not to say it doesn’t happen anywhere else, but I just wanted to be sure to point out that they aren’t immune from it.

  17. Faith is the enemy. Faith is a powerful memeplex that turns a rational being into a weapon.

    The central ideas of the faith memeplex are:

    * accept what your religion tells you as truth WITHOUT QUESTION

    * faith in the face of no evidence, or indeed contradictory evidence, is a virtue

    * the virtuous will be rewarded in the afterlife

    These ideas reinforce each other in the mind of believers of all religions. They are taught to children early so that they get embedded before critical thinking has had a change to take root.

    That is why the Jesuits have a saying “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man”.

    It is a virus of the mind that we as a species must outgrow if we are to become truly enlightened.

  18. Steve Green,

    First of all, you are only addressing the Judeo-Christian realm – and only the more dogmatic variations. Religion includes more than just the mainstream ones, which excluding Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism, only leaves several hundred faiths. Paganism, for example, covers a diverse range including culture-based faiths like Asatru, historical-based like the Hellenism not to mention your variations Wiccan traditions plus others.

    Many of these non-stream faiths do not have a blind acceptance of leadership (or anything else for that matter). Many of these faiths don’t even proselytize. The absense of proof is the essence of faith. That’s the whole point. It wouldn’t be faith if things were definitive, would they? How’d people get the name “believer?” As for the afterlife being rewarded, that isn’t a universal standard for all faiths. The concept of Summerland (afterlife in Celtic-based faith) is more of a reunion with others who have passed away. Seeing as reincarnation is considered part of the process (including it once even being a Christian belief at one point), that would mean the reward isn’t necessarily the afterlife. The goal is to come back.

    Or course…Some faiths use indoctrination, but then again the same techniques of manipulating others in your aggressive sales seminars….a very secular activity. I have been to Am-Way seminars and have been more creeped out than by any church congregation.

    The examples you continue to point out are not specific to religion.

  19. But the right does practice more individuality than the left.


    Pretty much anyone that claims allegiance to either the “right” or the “left” isn’t showing much individuality. I see zero evidence that what you say is true: parts of the right seem just as much a herd mentality as parts of the left.

  20. Sorry BAD,
    You missed it.
    The left is infavor of socialized everything, medicine, public schools, entitlement syndrome,unions and even “enviromentalism “that sneaky little bitch, is just another way to gather our minds into one collective process.
    If anything represents the herd of lemmings mentallity it is most certainly without a doubt the left.
    Just look at the shopping list and the words in it . Socialized medicine (a society is a group)
    “Unions”, that one is obvious too.
    The right stands for personal responsabilty, accountabilty, independence and picking yourself up and a free market. Free of Unions and labor organizations.
    Just because I believe we are doing the right thing in Iraq doesnt give me a herd mentallity because I have a lot of folks agreeing with me.
    My allegiance is to keeping my family safe.
    The left just oozes with the pack mentallity.
    The dictionary even explains this in more diplomatic terms.

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  22. This mysterious vision reminds me of Moses (Ex.III,2)
    … only, in this case, “the vision of the mysterious non-burning flame” is happening on an almost everyday basis, and for everyone to see …
    Is the “garage door” made of wood ?

    Also, it reminds me of the King of Babylone (Dan.V,7-8,26-28)
    … evidently, “the thoughts of many are getting troubled” (as we read through the blogs) … something is there on the wall, and again, no-one is found to give an answer … (only spurious answers).

    Francis Batt,

  23. Melanie Stefine

    The message in the image on Ian’s Fish and on the garage door is this:
    We each die in succession, then we are born on the same day.
    The proof of this message is in the story of three famous people, Mike Douglas, Merv Griffin and Nance Reagan. Mikes dies on his birthday, Merv dies the day after Mike. Merv and Nancy are born on the same day.
    Now the images you saw on the objects was just to get your attention to the real message above. The smybolisum on the gargage door is the Gate to heaven or birth in Heaven. Melanie Stefine

  24. Meline Stefine

    Why doesn’t anyone see Joseph in a garage door, wall, tree, rock, pretzel, toast, donut or a pastry bear claw. I mean Joseph was his step-father on earth. He provided for Jesus when he was a child. Doesn’t that count for anything?

  25. Meline Stefine

    In all of the pictures of Mary and Child, where is Joseph? I mean he is not in any of the pictures. There is never a painting of just Joseph and Christ together. Or a painting of Joseph and Mary together He is just out of the picture altogether. Mary has been portrayed as a single mom and Joseph is an absent father. No wonder why so many families have just one parent in the house. People are looking at the wrong pictures. Maybe it is the Churches fault for putting it out there. Mary is being hailed for being a single mom.

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