Physcho B*tch?

  Disclaimer: Please turn down your uppity sensors before reading this post.  My relationship with words must be a codependent one, because every time someone hurts one; it makes me hurt too.

         While walking down my street, I noticed that a parked vehicle had lettering decorating the back windshield. It is not unusual to see various designs that include NASCAR numbers, urinated Calvins, or references to vacation spots. Various slogans reappear as well that include knicknames of the driver and/or vehicle. Some explain that it’s a “jeep thing” and other are just a vehicle manufacturer or logo. The particular vehicle I saw has PHYSCHO B*TCH on the back window. It naturally triggered a bunch of thoughts.

-Is this new word pronounced FIZZ-ko Bee-yotch? Would that mean this presumably female driver can go PHYSCHOtic?

-Does her Alka-Seltzer go Plop, Plop, PHYS, PHYS?

-Isn’t Microsoft somehow responsible for this because of it having to do with WINDOWS? Shouldn’t auto detailers be using the spellcheck feature before applying the letters?

-Will the Talking Heads have to rewrite their hit single, “PHYSCO Killer?” What about Olivia Newton John’s “Let’s Get PHYSCHO?”

-Does this mean spelling can be a BICH?


2 responses to “Physcho B*tch?

  1. I have been trying to get a picture of this vehicle for the past month or so to post on the GS. I saw it driving through Pottsville one night on my way home from a splash party. There is nothing more Skook than plastering your vehicle with slogans and then spelling them wrong!

    Love the new layout. I haven’t been “here” in a while. I typically read your updates through Bloglines but I HAD to comment on this one!

  2. It looks like your blog has gone over to the dark side (meaning new format change)?

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