I’m editing the book I wrote last year

   I have decided to do something with it finally. I must say that it’s harder than I thought. Coming up with the story ideas are easy, compared to fine tuning what I already have down on paper.

   I have rewritten the first paragraph several times, but think I have it much stronger now. I have also worked the storyline so it is much smoother, removing one part because it’s not needed anymore and have better coordinated character entrances and exits. Overall, I’d say I should have the final draft by the end of the fall.

   For those of you who haven’t heard, the story is about a widow with three high school aged children who go on a special vacation. A privately funded research facility gives this family a chance to spend time with their father who passed away 5 years earlier.  Special crystals in the story have the ability to channel memories into an interactive hologram of sorts.  However, during the visit with the “mirror” (as the image is called); instead of the automaton they expect – the husband/father actually comes back to visit with his family briefly.  It’s a glimpse of the other side. It blends technology and science with the supernatural. I have really tried to make it as real as possible.  Although science-fiction/fantasy, I think many people might be able to identify with the characters in the story because I believe it taps into some universal emotion. I just hope I do the story enough justice.

It rocks!


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