I remember Sept. 11th

   I was at work when it happened. We had a television in the conference room which was on the whole day.  Everyone was staring in disbelief at what happened. I think the collect mind of most Americans was that we are vulnerable. I think it also made us realize that the hate some feel towards us is very real. For awhile, we found faith. We shared patriotism. Differences among us weren’t a big deal. Suddenly, we were all Americans again. 

      I arrived home after work, gave my family a hug and we shut the television off. Informational turned into overload. Watching the planes crash into the buildings over and over again was too much. Trying to hold the moment together, I crawled onto the floor with my 2 year old son to play with him. He wanted to play with blocks. It seemed like a simple task. Large cardboard blocks. Right? Unfortunately, like many two year olds, he decided to knock over the tower we just built. The symbolism was too much. I talked him into cuddling on the couch and read him a book.

    Something was lost that day. I am not sure if we will get it back. It does warm my heart that some people have tried to get it back. By reaching out to others, making it a day of rememberance and charity, is a good start.

We remember.


One response to “I remember Sept. 11th

  1. Remembering is honoring the day and the people who were lost as well.

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