Hey, Dad’s cool again!!!

  All it took was remembering all the Star Wars movies.

       Playstation 2 has a game called Star Wars. It consists of the characters and story line of the original films, except they are all Lego-shaped. The game is kind of cool, actually. I don’t really play it, but my kids like to.

       Anyway, the cast of characters is pretty long. I constantly get asked who’s name is what & which movie were they in. Seeing as I was there the first time, and have seen all the movies with them. I can be the fount of knowledge, even if the only thing flowing out of it is the ability to tell Power Droid from a Bespin Guard.

    Woot Woot!


One response to “Hey, Dad’s cool again!!!

  1. Of course then they get older and suddenly start memorizing the names of every bounty hunter ever filmed and the serial numbers for every single space ship in all six movies and suddenly Dad is back to being and old-school dork. Fame is so fleeting…

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