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10 things I learned while camping at Parker Dam

1) Clearfield, PA is a lot smaller than I thought it would be.

2) If Jeff Foxworthy ever runs low on material, a visit to Clearfield, PA would clear that up quickly.

3) Scotto’s Pizza in downtown Clearfield, PA has some decent pizza.

4) Some squirrels and chipmunks can be pretty bold when it comes to looking for handouts.

5) Getting to know your neighbors camping can lead them to believe that you automatically will watch their children.

6) Drinking coffee near a campfire is a must-have experience (even if you don’t drink coffee….or like campfires).

7) I still can’t believe there are people out there who will burn plastic and metal cans in a campfire. Smokey The Bear should go Chuck Norris on their butts.

8 ) You can hear some strange noises coming out of the woods at night. Somehow, watching too many low budget horror films that involve camping and having an active imagination doesn’t help either.

9) I was able to get my Larry The Cable Guy costume for Halloween. A flannel shirt & camo baseball cap cost $11 bucks.

10) People in Clearfield, PA will look at you weird if you try to pronounce Dubois (doo-BOYS) as it is pronounced in French (doo-BWAH). Of course, not wearing a black concert shirt in Clearfield will get you strange looks too.


10 people I’d like to have coffee with

10) Steve Martin – Author, Comedian, Actor – His book Cruel Shoes will be talked about for year.

9)  Martin Gore – member of Depeche Mode, wrote most of the music for them

8 ) Adriana Lima – supermodel and keeper of the feijoada

7) Kate Beckinsale – actress with a remarkable ability to battle vampires and lycanthropes

6) Billy Joel – musician who writes good schtuff. When describing Christina Aguilera, was quoted to have said “pick a note and sit on it.”

5) Ludwig Van Beethoven – classical musician. The dude wrote Moonlight Sonata. ‘Nuff said.

4) The person who invented coffee

3) Maybe Kari Byron…..maybe not

2) The guy who invented ironing

1) The guy who invented necktie

   We would all consume a relaxing cup of coffee or two, then proceed to beat the guys who invented neckties and ironing to unconsciousness. We would then resume coffee drinking and light conversation.

A beginners guide to coffee drinking

   After spending the weekend in Lancaster, PA while vacationing with extended family, I was reminiscing about one of the activities: drinking coffee.

    We were talking about the best flavors of coffee, brewing techniques and the equipment we used at home. Humans, like any living creature, are ones of habit. Coffee is no exception. For some reason, I feel compelled to share my meager if not useless knowledge with the novice coffee drinker.

     First, the source of the coffee is very important. If you don’t brew your own coffee, you have to be selective where you purchase it. Almost every gas station on the planet has something that does involve coffee beans and a brewing process. However, that liquid should only be consumed under controlled conditions.  Those conditions would include dissolving your stomach, participating in a bet or when the Slurpee machine is broken. Truck Stop coffee tends to be good.  McDonald’s coffee is functional, but fast food restaurants in general are risky coffee stops. They are risky because those pots tend to get made by people who don’t drink coffee.  Dunkin Donuts offers some pretty good brewage, as was Starbucks. Having worked at Denny’s Restaurants, I can vouch for that stuff as being good too. A note to the handful of readers who made it this far: a good cup of coffee is still an accomplishment. You should simply stay clear of the bad stuff.

      Next, the stuff you add can make a difference. The first category is dairy. The most important thing to remember is not to use anything less than whole milk. Half-n-half creamer is the best. The sweetness of the cream rounds out the flavor of the coffee. The trick is to use a creamer that actually had something to do with a cow. Powders or imitation milk things are not only evil, they completely obscure the natural flavor of the coffee. Besides, flavoring your coffee with flavoring found only in the creamer could get you beaten in most coffee shops. The sugar category allows for much more lattitude with consumption. However, artificial sweetners do not capture the disaccharidic pleasure of sucrose. Aspartame/NutraSweet, with heat & age, can breakdown into formadehyde (the carcinogenic liquid once used to preserve dead animal specimens). I would also stick with regular sugar as we have a clearer view of what the side effects are.

       The container in which to consume coffee is also somewhat important. Ceramic or insulated mugs are very good, but you still need to be careful. If you have an annoying picture or quotation on the side, the beating rule could take effect. On the other hand, you have almost guaranteed that your mug won’t get taken where you work. Styrofoam cups are good for travel. Unfortunately, they still tend to be dangerous. They may not feature stupid pictures or slogans, but some people still manage to dump them on their laps while driving. A good rule of thumb is to not put anything on your lap while driving. Just ask Hugh Grant.

      Finally, caffeine has been proven to not be too bad. Studies show that your alertness increases 15 minutes after consumption…and energy levels up to 4 to 5 hours. It also shows temporary boosts in memory. Coffee also has some anti-oxidant capabilities. Other positive things coffee can do for you is to give you the ability to put dark rings on notebooks, newspapers and important reports that you are expected to hand in to your boss. It gives you something to talk about with coworker with, as well as a solid reason to use the bathroom excessively. It has remarkable power to stain your teeth and give you really bad breath. It’s also really good with pie.

I’m campin’, I’m campin’, I’m cold cold lampin’

  No, kids. The Flava Flav reference is misleading. I will not be chillin’ with Public Enemy. I am actually going camping until Monday.

  I will try to think of really important things to post when I get back late on Monday. If anyone has any suggestions for topics or celebrity moments you think I should have, please post comments.

Rachel Ray endorses Dunkin Donuts?

Of all the other possible celebrity endorsements, I’d think she should definitely be on the caffeine no-fly list.

Blather-Rinse-Repeat would like to thanks all his 2006 blog visitors

Everyone here at Blather-Rinse-Repeat Studios would like to thank everyone for stopping by in 2006. All of the search engine terms that brought you here would also like to thank you for making the effort to visit. We all wish you a safe & happy 2007.

Hopefully, we will see you next year, too!

The Executive Director of Blather Rinse Repeat,


I got some cool stuff for Christmas

1) The book, Steal This Computer Book 4.0

2) The book, 2007 Writers Market

3) A bottle of (really good) homemade Boilo.

4) Two 1 lb. bags of Original Blend Dunkin Donuts coffee.

5) 3 Steno pads (for my writing)

6) a coffee cup with two penguins on it that says “Dad, You’re so cool!”

7) An Olympus Digital Voice Recorder VN-2100 to record thoughts on the book I am working on.

8 ) a 4 port USB 2.0 expansion card

9) a USB to IDE/SATA cable

10) the book, The Elements Of Style