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I will be at Parker Dam State Park…..

   for a long weekend for camping. I will taking a brief respite from posting for several days.


Observations of a 4 year old birthday party

    My daughter celebrated her 4 years on the planet. During all the festivities, I made note of several little events I felt compelled to comment on here.

    I think one of the most annoying things I have experienced, even before becoming a parent, is watching other parents leave their children to fend for themselves at public functions. As soon as they arrive, the parent and child go their separate ways. I am not sure if this is a misinterpretation of “it takes a village” or what. Having been a camp counselor, I instantly feel I have to keep a watchful eye on the child. I find it hardly coincidental that the parent capable of this is oftentimes paired with what we in the childcare field referred to as “demon spawn.”  While most children have a natural appeal, these beings evoke no calming emotion. Luckily, the party only lasted 2 hours. I did quietly smile to myself watching these kids putting away soda in college beer bong proportions.  It’s almost like karma in disaccharide form.

     Other than that, I reaffirm my hatred of Bratz toys. The good news is that the toy gods were smiling upon us because there was only one this time. I find it really hard to celebrate inner-city attitude venerated as if it were culture. Bling is merely the substitution for the phrase “fascinated by shiny objects.” Even the frickin’ name emphasizes illiteracy…..

Hey, Dad’s cool again!!!

  All it took was remembering all the Star Wars movies.

       Playstation 2 has a game called Star Wars. It consists of the characters and story line of the original films, except they are all Lego-shaped. The game is kind of cool, actually. I don’t really play it, but my kids like to.

       Anyway, the cast of characters is pretty long. I constantly get asked who’s name is what & which movie were they in. Seeing as I was there the first time, and have seen all the movies with them. I can be the fount of knowledge, even if the only thing flowing out of it is the ability to tell Power Droid from a Bespin Guard.

    Woot Woot!

I remember Sept. 11th

   I was at work when it happened. We had a television in the conference room which was on the whole day.  Everyone was staring in disbelief at what happened. I think the collect mind of most Americans was that we are vulnerable. I think it also made us realize that the hate some feel towards us is very real. For awhile, we found faith. We shared patriotism. Differences among us weren’t a big deal. Suddenly, we were all Americans again. 

      I arrived home after work, gave my family a hug and we shut the television off. Informational turned into overload. Watching the planes crash into the buildings over and over again was too much. Trying to hold the moment together, I crawled onto the floor with my 2 year old son to play with him. He wanted to play with blocks. It seemed like a simple task. Large cardboard blocks. Right? Unfortunately, like many two year olds, he decided to knock over the tower we just built. The symbolism was too much. I talked him into cuddling on the couch and read him a book.

    Something was lost that day. I am not sure if we will get it back. It does warm my heart that some people have tried to get it back. By reaching out to others, making it a day of rememberance and charity, is a good start.

We remember.

A long weekend in Cleveland, Ohio kept me from my blogging duties

Subsequently, I’ve not posted anything recently.

 The good news is that I still won’t be posting any pictures of my pets in typical blog mundanecity.

Today’s Our 10th Wedding Anniversary

Yep. 10 years.

We will be going to NYC on Saturday for the day.

I’m psyched.

Learning to ride bikes

    Both my sons today learned how to ride their bikes today. This rite of passage has been something that my wife and I have been working on for a long time. It’s one of those things that we think is an important skill to know. It ranks up there with learning how to swim (which both boys know how to do, too).

     Once they become more experienced riders, their worlds will open up and they will be able to experience more freedom, along with get even more exercise, and give us more options of things to do while vacationing in Chincoteague, VA.

     Today is a big day. Go write that down.