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Blather Rinse Repeat speaks out against Hilary Clinton

Ms. Clinton’s voting record – taken from the site below.

  • ¬†Voted for Iraq war based on available info; now would not. (Apr 2007)
  • Critic of Iraq war, but won’t recant 2002 vote in its favor. (Nov 2006)
  • Regrets Bush’s handling of war, but not her war vote. (Oct 2006)
  • Voted YES on redeploying US troops out of Iraq by March 2008. (Mar 2007)
  • Voted NO on redeploying troops out of Iraq by July 2007. (Jun 2006)
  • Voted YES on investigating contract awards in Iraq & Afghanistan. (Nov 2005)
  • Voted YES on requiring on-budget funding for Iraq, not emergency funding. (Apr 2005)
  • Voted YES on $86 billion for military operations in Iraq & Afghanistan. (Oct 2003)
  • Voted YES on authorizing use of military force against Iraq. (Oct 2002)
  • Condemns anti-Muslim bigotry in name of anti-terrorism. (Oct 2001)

  • I am not a professional chef, but I am pretty sure that I smell some serious waffle-age.


    Should Kari Byron be the next president?

    Combining the need for a viable candidate with a very popular search term that brings people to my blog; I am asking my blog readers to offer their thoughts on whether or not we should vote for Kari in 2008.

    First, let me explain that I do not know Ms. Byron. I am simply exploring the political waters for her.

    With that said, let’s do some comparing to the other candidates to see how she stacks up.

    Hillary Clinton – wears sensible shoes
    Kari Byron – wears Chuck Taylors

    Hillary Clinton – is both for and against the war
    Kari Byron – blows things up in parking lots

    Hillary Clinton – has been investigated for questionable dealings
    Kari Byron – conducts investigations on Mythbusters

    Hillary Clinton – may or may not live in New York to satisfy campaign law
    Kari Byron – lives in California.

    Barack Obama – has no political experience
    Kari Byron – has no political experience

    Dennis Kucinich – former mayor of Cleveland, OH
    Kari Byron – people have heard of her

    Rudy Guiliani – former mayor of New York City
    Kari Byron – spent one episode wearing silver body paint

    To me, the choice is clear. Although her background is in the fine arts, she seems to have a solid appreciation and grasp of science. She doesn’t have any political experience, but incumbency has already proven to be useless at this point. She seems fairly articulate and already has a fairly large base of fans. The fact that she spends energy getting to the bottom of information and actually CARES what the findings are is important.

    However, it is possible that the cheesecaky FHM photo shoot might be held against her. I am guessing that Hillary Clinton might try to use that against Kari, seeing as Hillary couldn’t pull off the naughty lab tech look.

    Hey, it could still happen. The only other presidential candidate choices based on search terms that get people to my site include spyware removal, Angel Boris, and girls with long tongues.

    So, if not Kari Byron; should girls with long tongues be the next president?¬† We’ll just have to see what the voters have in store for us, I guess.