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Blather-Rinse-Repeat would like to thanks all his 2006 blog visitors

Everyone here at Blather-Rinse-Repeat Studios would like to thank everyone for stopping by in 2006. All of the search engine terms that brought you here would also like to thank you for making the effort to visit. We all wish you a safe & happy 2007.

Hopefully, we will see you next year, too!

The Executive Director of Blather Rinse Repeat,



Sitemeter tells me about my visitors!

   Total 7,341   
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  2   http://blatherrinserepeat.word…on-my-grilled-cheese-sandwich/

I’d like to extent a warm thanks to those people visiting longer than 56 seconds, as well as those looking for more information on Kari Byron, Julie Sidoni, cheese sandwiches, purple pages, and heavy metal.

Thank you for your support!

Please feel free to leave comments, too!


I finally tagged all of my old posts

So, when you are looking for posts about Kari Byron, the power of cheese, 1986 Chevy Caprices, zombies, frenulums, and wardriving;  It’s all here under the roof of my blog.


Special Thanks to Kari Byron, Julie Sidoni, & Angel Boris

To celebrate three keywords that seem to drive traffic to my blog, I put together a special picture montage of Kari, Julie, & Angel. I wanted to do something unusual, rather than just feature traditional photo galleries. So, in the fine spirit of sucking up to my blog viewership, I present to you….

Here we have Angel, Kari, & Julie….

Here we have Angel, Kari, & Julie….neck deep in Oreo Cookies & glasses of milk

Here we have Angel, Kari, & Julie….partially submerged in cheesy salsa (tortillas not included)

Here we have Angel, Kari, & Julie….competing in a heated Jeopardy match!


p.s. “I’d like WOMEN I’D LIKE TO SEE NECK DEEP IN OREO COOKIES for $500, Alex”

p.p.s. No Oreos were hurt or injured in the making of this post.

Google Web Tools speaks: Search words that lead people to Blather-Rinse-Repeat

Top search queries
1. jonbinet ramsey
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3. cables2go
4. bush popularity polls
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8. julie sidoni
9. schuylkill county purplepage
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13. “shrieking weasel”
14. “hogwarts test”
15. julie sidoni pictures
16. “kari byron” gallery
17. kari byron underwear
18. juicy jenny
19. angel boris dragon
20. “angel boris”

Looks like if you blog about Julie Sidoni, Kari Byron, or Angel Boris; you get some serious traffic. I am not sure where “Juicy Jenny” fits into all of this, however.

A cornucopia of haikus!

stuff in my pockets
car keys wallet and small change
and something like lint

never has there been
a haiku about waffles
that is until now

toothbrush oh toothbrush
I try to keep you free of
crusty gel boogers

religion should be
more than passing judgement on
everyone else dude

I will not make it
through this next office meeting
we’re out of coffee

A hangover gives
you the ability to
hear light pass through glass

let us find the man
who created the iron
and beat him senseless

where did the naked
people post their pics before
we had Internet

should we care about
Jen, Brad, or Angelina?
I certainly don’t

Aren’t you taking this thing a bit too far?!?!