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God moves in mysterious ways

Image of the Blessed Virgin Mary appears on a garage door in Minersville, PA

The appearance of what appears to be a sign of God has drawn believers and garage door appreciators from all over East Central Pennsylvania. God’s holy message has been delivered to Minersville, PA although no one is exactly sure what that message is or why it is appearing on a garage door.

“I am not sure what God’s advertising budget is,” asks Lamar Advertising Account Exec, David Schultz,” but I think he might be able to benefit from our new line of electronic signs.” After being severely beaten by the crowd for suggesting that the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent Creator needed such a mortal way to get His message across; the crowd returned its attention to the glowing garage door.

Many believers in the group of people seemed that they will have more converts by the end of the night. Most, however, seem to just be fascinated with staring at a human-shaped blob of light.

Personally, I don’t believe that something as important as finding religion would be left to such a vague presentation. The Old Testament burning bush that talks directly to the person is a much more clear way to send any religious message.

Looks like God’s gonna have to go old school.


p.s. For some reason, I feel compelled to quote those potentially prophetic words of Echo & The Bunnymen.

“Bring on the new messiah. Wherever he may roam.”


Blather-Rinse-Repeat would like to thanks all his 2006 blog visitors

Everyone here at Blather-Rinse-Repeat Studios would like to thank everyone for stopping by in 2006. All of the search engine terms that brought you here would also like to thank you for making the effort to visit. We all wish you a safe & happy 2007.

Hopefully, we will see you next year, too!

The Executive Director of Blather Rinse Repeat,


I drank some Boilo at the St. Clair Halloween Parade

  For those of you familiar with this East Central Pennsylvanian hot alcohol steeped in spices, you may be also be aware that there are some dangerous versions of this beverage out there, too. I have had many versions of this. I even got a recipe for it as a wedding gift. However, I have officially had a very good batch of this very potent drink. The bad stuff should really only be served in self-defense or for topping off a gas tank when fuel prices get too high.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, that’s fine. This beverage was not in my vocabulary until I became a Pennsylvanian. While born & raised in Ohio, things are very simple there when it comes to food. You can order your food one of two ways: with or without salt. Here in PA, this area is piled high with traditions, including culinary ones. One trip to a BLOCK PARTY and you can find yourself waist-high in halupkies, halushkie, bleenies, kiebasi, bean soup, and many other things that you can eat but should probably chase with some Zantac.

 I also had some Tommy’s M & S Chili, too. That stuff is good, although I can only eat about 5 bites at a time. I have to take a break to give my tongue a rest from the peppery burn.

 God, I love Pennsylvania. You gotta love boilo recipes. Where else can you follow food directions that include phrases like “Be careful at this point or the boilo will explode.”

Benezette, PA : It’s not the end of the world, but you can see it from there.

I forgot to mention that we took the family mini-van on an hour trip north of Penfield, PA to see Benezette, PA. I did not know that this area is ELK country. Every morning and every evening, people from all over gather on narrow, mountainous roads to see ELK….and lots of ’em.

Elk, for those of you who aren’t aware of them, are like deer…..on steroids. Big, ugly, with antlers…..For my Canadian readers, kinda like a Moose but one they left in the dryer a little too long.

As for the end of the world comment, I stand by it. I have been to many places in this world and this place is seriously isolated. One road in. One road out. One radio station and it plays banjo music… in paddle faster, I hear banjo music.

Parker Dam State Park Cabin Camping Weekend was a success!!

The weather was fantastic! There was no rain (unlike last year, which zapped 1 1/2 days) and the skies were clear. We did some serious hiking. Pictured above is the “scenic vista” promised for those who traverse the extra hike on the TRAIL OF THE NEW GIANTS path. At nearly 2000 feet above sea level, my whole family was able to enjoy the view here – Parker Lake – which later that day, we made it all the way over to the other side of the lake pictured.

I was away from any technology, including e-mail and my blog. I actually missed that more than television, not that I watch a lot of tv. I was so busy doing camping stuff that I didn’t even have a stray “Hey, I can’t wait to blog about….” thought at all.

I would also like to give a special shout-out to Dick Small. He did e-mail his personal favorite camping places. However, I am not entirely convinced that going to luxury hotels like the Hilton, is really considered camping…..Would “roughing it” be having a tv without a remote? Do you pay someone to put dirt, dead leaves, and pine sap in your clothes? Does eating granola from a room service cart count as ‘foraging for food’? I have never really thought of camping that way.