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10 people I’d like to have coffee with

10) Steve Martin – Author, Comedian, Actor – His book Cruel Shoes will be talked about for year.

9)  Martin Gore – member of Depeche Mode, wrote most of the music for them

8 ) Adriana Lima – supermodel and keeper of the feijoada

7) Kate Beckinsale – actress with a remarkable ability to battle vampires and lycanthropes

6) Billy Joel – musician who writes good schtuff. When describing Christina Aguilera, was quoted to have said “pick a note and sit on it.”

5) Ludwig Van Beethoven – classical musician. The dude wrote Moonlight Sonata. ‘Nuff said.

4) The person who invented coffee

3) Maybe Kari Byron…..maybe not

2) The guy who invented ironing

1) The guy who invented necktie

   We would all consume a relaxing cup of coffee or two, then proceed to beat the guys who invented neckties and ironing to unconsciousness. We would then resume coffee drinking and light conversation.


13 people I’d invite to dinner (past or present)

13) Billy Joel, musician/songwriter

12) Steve Martin, comedian/author/actor

11) Stephen King, author

10) Martin Gore, musician/songwriter

9) Christopher Walken, actor

8 ) Kevin Spacey, actor

7) Kathy Najimy, actress

6) Lou Gramm, musician

5) Kate Beckinsale, actress

4) Galileo, scientist, heretic

3) Dalai Lama, spiritual leader

2) Adriana Lima, supermodel

1) Ludwig Van Beethoven, musician

Blather-Rinse-Repeat would like to thanks all his 2006 blog visitors

Everyone here at Blather-Rinse-Repeat Studios would like to thank everyone for stopping by in 2006. All of the search engine terms that brought you here would also like to thank you for making the effort to visit. We all wish you a safe & happy 2007.

Hopefully, we will see you next year, too!

The Executive Director of Blather Rinse Repeat,


Appreciating natural beauty

     Being a fan of , I have checked out the the SportsbyBrook website link on their site.  I know it’s gonna seem like a stretch here, but men have been occasionally known to look at pictures of Internet. It’s the reason they invented the Internet, right?

    Anyway, the SportsByBrook website, along with forums discussing something called ‘sports’ (I don’t really follow them myself); they have pictures of women. Mostly on the curvy side with lots of make-up; they pose in exotic places like Hawaii, Ireland, and Cincinnati, Ohio (ok, not always so exotic). There are all sorts of women from various backgrounds.  While some of these women may be societal eye candy, most of these pictures seem really fake.

    For the ladies reading this, please don’t take this site as any regular standard to achieve with your own appearance. There are men out there who can appreciate natural beauty. Make-up, when used in moderation, can enhance your appearance. Like clothing, it shouldn’t be used like a costume to distract those around you. Use it to emphasize your good features and deemphasize the not-as-good stuff. Remember: These women may lead confortable airbrushed lives as jpegs; however, the truth is that they sweat, emit aromas, and suffer from bedhead just like the rest of us in real life. Placing all your efforts into maintaining physical appearance will only lead you down an ugly, Joan-Rivers-like path where you will eventually become a shell of your former self. Plastic surgery upon plastic surgery will eventually make you look like a latex bag crammed with coathangers. Go for the normal look, please. I beg you.

     Guys, when it comes to women like this; think of the level of maintenance. If a woman keeps all her beauty in the bottle next to her nightstand, imagine what you could wake up next to the following morning. Let’s say you want to take a quick morning trip to the supermarket. What? Your woman has to “play with her face” for an hour to get things right, just so you can get a gallon of milk and the paper? Dude, you could have been there and back by now.

     Now, the big thought comes. What happens 40 years from now when your spending time with her now? What do you think gravity and time do with everyone’s body? (including yours!)  Hopefully, you both have some stake in the relationship besides appearance or you’re gonna have lots of time to kill for shuffleboard and feeding the birds in the park.

 Just tryin’ to keep it real.


SysAdmin Day was a success (kinda)!!

My day went EXACTLY as planned, except for the supermodels, finger foods, Fresca, Danish masseuse, the back rub,limo ride, Dutch Loaf sandwich, Depeche Mode performance, ordering supplies,or the trip to the Chinese restaurant. It was probably just a logistical problem.

If Adriana Lima did show up in a limo, I bet she’d wear something like this….

Imaginary Fan Mail #1

Dear stjarna,

I thought I would let you know that I have been following your blog for months. I just want to tell you that not only is it entertaining, it is like no other. I simply must meet you. The good news is that my next photo shoot is in Schuylkill County. I have been informed by my agent that I am going to be promoting something called a block party. I hope that I will have a chance to meet you and your family, perhaps if there is time; I would also appreciate it if you could help me troubleshoot the 10/100 Ethernet LAN on my tour bus. I would love it if you could explain the OSI model to me and give me an overview of routable protocols. It would mean so much to me.

See you in a few weeks,

Adriana Lima