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‘Tis the season for foot fetish calls (part 2 – the comments)

How much stuff about feet can someone with a foot fetish have to say when anonymously harassing someone else up to 60 time a day?

Why do my feet smell?

Can you recommend a podiatrist?

Does this make my foot look too big?

Can I put my shoes in the washer?

What about that Amelda Marcos?

What are your feet wearing?

I bet you wear something with a sensible heal.

Do your feet smell like cheese, too?

I ran out of Smuckers so I used toe jam instead.

Ever hear of ‘shrimping?’

60 times a day, huh?

That guy was either really good…..or seriously whacked out of his skull.


Here’s proof that alien life forms exist!

What other proof do you need?