Q) What do you wanna do with your life?

A)  I wanna rock.


Q) Where are you from?

A) I live in Schuylkill County, PA. However, I am originally from a distant land called Ohio.


Q) Where did you get you knickname?

A) The name, stjarna, comes from a song by Depeche Mode. The instrumental piece was originally called ‘stjarna’, which means STAR in some Icelandic language. However, the record company misunderstood the word and printed ‘St. Jarna’ on the music labels. I want to let you all officially know that I am not a saint. It’s pronounced SHARE-na.


 Q) Why do you blog?

 A) I do it for my own entertainment. While I do write short stories and poetry, I believe this helps keep the creative juices flowing. I have also found it’s a neat way to meet interesting people.


Q) What is your inspiration?

A) Many things. My wife and children. I am trying to be the best husband and father I can.  I also find inspiration in watching campfires, playing in the rain, drinking large volumes of coffee, reading, listening to 1980s music, chocolate chip cookies, and playing the guitar and piano.


Q) What’s up with the Kari Byron?

A) For some reason, if you write haikus about her and reference Mythbusters on your blog; people looking for pictures of her will find you. It’s magical, much like the Chuck Taylor shoes she wears.


Q) And what’s up with Julie Sidoni?

A) She’s one of many reasons to watch WNEP Channel 16, based in Moosic, PA (I think) You might also keep an eye out for Joe Snedeker, one of the weather guys. He is the only weather person who use photoshopped pictures off the Internet to explain weather systems.


One response to “FAQs

  1. Name: stjarna

    Where I am from: Ohio

    Where I live now: Schuylkill County, PA

    Marital Status: one wife

    Children: 3

    Religion: Yes, I have one

    Political views: I’d like to see a functional, honest government someday