Looks like it’s going to be a Dana Delaney moment

    Not that I watch that Desperate Housewives show, but I saw the trailer of the latest celeb to join the cast. It was Dana Delaney.

     For those of you who remember, Ms. Delaney was in shows like China Beach (never saw it), some Steve Martin film with Goldie Hawn (regretted seeing it) and East Of Eden (the serious Anne Rice book that was made into a comedy because the director didn’t think the public could handle the real storyline) which I refused to see.

     She does have some visual appeal, although her acting skills aren’t necessarily top shelf. I went through a Dana Delaney phase many years ago. I was after my Natassja Kinski and Molly Ringwald phase, but before my Claudia Schiffer phase. Natassja and Molly fell off the face of the Earth. Claudia traded in her normal skin tone for a lifeless looking white skin. She has either turned into a friendly ghost (see Casper) or is a member of the walking undead.

  If anyone would like to join in on the Dana Delaney moment, please feel free to Google yourself some pics. Post comments with links if you find good ones.


One response to “Looks like it’s going to be a Dana Delaney moment

  1. I always get her confused with the one from Northern Exposure who does the unable to produce natural tears commercials, but her name has a nice ring to it.

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