Hey! All you Kari Byron fans!

Here is someone on the SEXY REDHEADS FORUM that linked to me

Hey all you Sexy Redhead Forum link clickers! I am very glad that you visit, but can you please stay longer than 14 seconds on my site. I would appreciate it. Really.

Check out my blog for another minute or two, then you can visit these other Kari Byron sites:

Mythbuster Screen Captures

A flirty, albeit blurry photo

now THIS is a photo of Kari (scroll down to 9/7/06) at Dragon*Con




5 responses to “Hey! All you Kari Byron fans!

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  2. Sorry none of the visitors from my forum aren’t staying long here. Don’t feel bad, they don’t stay all that long on my forum, just long enough to check out the Kari Byron pics and then split. Btw, thanks for mentioning my forum.

  3. Hey, if you’re a real Kari Byron fan, I wanted to let you know that she’ll be at the Portland Rod + Custom Show on Feb 17 2007.

  4. Why 14 seconds ? Can I help you if I stay 13 seconds 😉

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